October 2017 News:

Amanda Goldblatt is guest editing the site, reading all submissions sent in October. A note from Amanda:

I want to read work that is urgent and invested in how stories can teach our brains how to transgress, or at least move in different ways. 
I want hijinks and fun, and/or hijinks and existential disease. I'm open to hybridity. I'm open to generic convention, too. I am aware that all of this is open to interpretation. I'm okay with that. 

I'm particularly interested in reading work from: women and femme writers, writers of color, queer writers, trans/nonbinary writers, working class writers, indigenous writers, writers who are undocumented immigrants, writers who are differently abled—anyone who, by identity and/or circumstance, has traditionally been/is still underrepresented in the literary canon. 

Bear in mind that the work accepted during the month of October will be published in January 2018. Send me something from 2018, please. Thanks in advance for your labor and your art. 

September 2017 News:

Bud Smith is guest editing the site, reading all submissions sent in September (for publication in December)! Send him your good stuff!!

The nitty gritty:

We, of course, recommend you be at least vaguely familiar with what we have published in the past. Once that is out of the way, there really isn't much more we can tell you. More instructions would really only clutter this page, wouldn't it? We want stories that are what we like to call "web-friendly" meaning, shorter than about 2,000 words or so though 1,000 or less is even better.

Submit only one story at time, not more than 2,000 words (but shorter than this has a better chance, to be honest). If you're submitting short shorts (around 400 words or less), you can submit up to three stories in a single file. Multiple submissions will be deleted unread.

—Mallory Brand & Elle Nash, Web Editors

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