$7.23 USD

A while back, I made a kinda off-handed joke on Facebook about journals charging reading fees, and the comments devolved mostly into jokes and criticizing other journals, and then Kyle Minor commented, "I'd pay $7.23 to submit to Hobart, I think," and so I created this category. Kinda, maybe, at least a little as a joke? But some of y'all are actually paying us $7.23 to consider your submission, hopefully intending it as a kind of donation in goodwill, for which we feel a little guilty but are hugely thankful.

So... basically... if you believe in us, believe that we're trying to do something good, and you want to drop a few dollars in our pockets for, then we appreciate it! And/or if you just think this ridiculously blatant money grab is $7.23 worth of funny, that works, too.

Paying this fee will not get you read any sooner, nor any more "personal comments." Unless you ask for them. Maybe. We'll consider submissions for the web, as print subs are not currently open.


We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.